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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Raja Ampat, Hidden Heaven From Indonesia

Photo By : Kompas
Dermaga di Waiwo, Raja Ampat, Papua Barat.
Raja Ampat Islands have abundant biodiversity. There are 1,320 species of fish in Raja Ampat, 5 species of endangered sea turtles, 57 species of mantis shrimp, 13 species of marine mammals, and 27 species of endangered fish. In addition, Raja Ampat Islands have 75 percent of all known coral species in the world, 10 times the number of coral species are found throughout the Caribbean, with 600 species of coral recorded.

Not surprisingly, not only during the holiday season alone, Raja Ampat visited by domestic and foreign tourists. Raja Ampat has dozens of diving spots are beautiful, with coral in underwater spoil anyone into it.


Merapat di Waiwo di  Raja Ampat, Papua Barat.

If you've heard a lot of names like Waiwo, Waisai, Wayag, or maybe Arborek, I tell you, at least no more than 40 spots that you can sambangi. Only a few more names no less amazing, as Saonek, Saleo Reef, Koh Point, Turtle Reef, Five Rock, Grave Reef, West Mansuar, Manta Slop, Kapisawar Point, as well as Lalosi Reef.

This arises sand, bright Selfi, is actually a sea that looks back to the surface. If the water is receding, tourists can lean briefly in 'islands' small, but it can not be long. Longer than 30 minutes, because when it's started already during high water, the sand is no longer visible.

Sure enough, our little ship that docked at Sand Embossed could not drop anchor too long. The party was just playing around a few minutes, and the sand has begun to sink. Exploration Raja Ampat by the group was continued in another spot.

Just an advice, if you want to explore Raja Ampat, then choose a reliable travel agents. Begin the trip for diving or snorkeling, early in the morning. Do not let you out of the Inn has been in the top 8 o'clock. Therefore, the higher the sun, the sea waves in the east is also increasingly fierce. Also avoid taking a trip in the month of June to November. It was a season high waves. Congratulations explore Raja Ampat.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

"Sarkem" One Of Sex Place In Yogyakarta, Indonesia

"Pasar Kembang" is a name that may already be quite familiar to the people of Yogyakarta of Indonesia and even the world. Yes, of course because the "Pasar Kembang" which is also often called Sarkem is a street name that is known as the area of ​​prostitution in the city of Yogyakarta. Administratively, the area is part of the District gedong Tengen, precisely located in RW Sosrowijayan Kulon. But then people get to know and call this the RW Sosrowijayan Kulon Sarkem the name or there is also a mention of this region with the Gang 3, because the region is Sarkem third alley from the East Road flower market.

Sarkem as prostitution in Yogyakarta has been around since about 125 years ago. Therefore it is of course the location has a historical value that also enrich the history in the city of Yogyakarta. According to the history that circulated among the people of Yogyakarta, Sarkem been there since the year 1818, it means that prostitution has been around since the Dutch era. Of course, since this area is deliberately designed for the location "pocket" of the workers. When the ongoing construction of the railway project that would connect Yogyakarta with other cities. Dutch government in the hope that the project workers spend their salaries in order to get back into the Dutch government income, the flower market in the wake as a means of prostitution in order to pay workers can spend there.

Along the development, the site is mapped as a prostitution area in Yogyakarta. Actually, after the time of independence, the Indonesian government has been working to provide illumination to the "workers" in the flower market in order to stop its activities. But consciously or not, the existence of markets, which has affected the economic development of the surrounding community livelihood systems, so that the closure is an attempt to be difficult to realize. How could I not, with the flower market area is also used by residents about to open a hotel, restaurants, cafes as their life support. This is reinforced proximity to the city center, especially in the area of ​​Malioboro Yogyakarta is a tourist attraction in Yogyakarta.

Even so famous Flower Market as an area of ​​prostitution in the city of Yogyakarta, but the current city government in this case the Sultan did not expect fireworks when the market site was named the tourist area of ​​prostitution. He preferred to be appointed this region as a tourist area that offers souvenirs and arts and culture of Yogyakarta. It is of course very reasonable because did not want to raise the image of the city of Yogyakarta to be bad. Yogyakarta travelers sometimes it is recommended to visit this location, but it is expected with the visit of the tourists can get in terms of historical experience not in terms of prostitution.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

10 Best Island in the World

Bora-bora, Society Islands, Polinesia

Bora-bora, Society Islands, Polinesia

Sunbathing on the beach, enjoying the crystal clear sea and the breeze makes the island so much choice for vacationing tourists. In the world, there are 10 best island to be the location of holiday fun. Curious?

TripAdvisor re-issued survey results through the Travelers' Choice 2013. This time the travel sites announced 10 best islands in the world.

Is ranked first is Ambergris Caye, Belize Cayes. The island has beaches with clean white sand and clear sea water.

Not only that, Ambergris Caye also inviting tourist attraction through the mangrove forest. You can take a walk and enjoy the fresh air and the green mangroves.

For diving lovers, this is one of the world's diving paradise. Ambergris has amazing underwater. There Belize Barrier Reef and the Blue Hole there.

Being in second place is St. John in the Virgin Island, U.S.. You could say, this is the island that would satisfy the desire for an adventurous spirit. The island has many national parks are inhabited by wild animals.

The most fun way to spend a holiday in St John is walking in Pesisi beaches, then further into the national park. Do not stop there, continue to enjoy aquatic activities St John.

Peek of tripAdvisor, Tuesday (04/09/2013) tourists who come to spend time with snorkeling, diving or just swimming. Your special who loves photography, channel your hobby by photographing the underwater world of St John is very beautiful.

In third position is Bora-bora Island in Society Islands, French Polynesia. The island is popular with beach lovers traveler.

Obviously, Bora-bora has white sand, the waves were perfect, and of course the beautiful underwater world. There are a lot of fish and colorful corals that adorn underwater.

The most exciting, Bora-bora has an inn that stood on the sea. The inn was designed to resemble local homes Polynesian society. The roof is made of palm leaves showing coolness and comfort. At the bottom of the room, there is a deck to get into the boat. From there you can explore the island by boat.

Here are the 10 best island in the world, version Travelers' Choice 2013 TripAdvisor:

1. Ambergris Caye, Belixe Cayes, U.S.
2. St. John, U.S.
3. Bora-bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia
4. San Juan Island, Washington, USA
5. Santorini, Cyclades, Greece
6. Isla Mujeres, Mexico
7. Moorea, Society Islands, French Polynesia
8. Koh Tao, Surat Thani Province, Thailand
9. Easter Island, Chile
10. Nosy Be, Antsiranana Province, Madagascar

Chocolate Hotel Officially Opens in UK

chocolate workshop at chocolate hotel

Maybe all this time, can stay in a hotel made of chocolate merely a dream. But now your fantasies will come true. In Bournemouth, UK, a world's first chocolate hotel officially opened.

The hotel was named The Chocolate Boutique Hotel. This inn claimed to have all the things that can give you sweet memories for every visitor, especially the chocolate lovers traveler.

Imagine, The Chocolate Boutique Hotel has 13 rooms themed cocoa. Not only that, the traveler staying there also could participate chocolate cooking class, and a bar that serves cocktails until brown.

As the only chocolate themed hotel in the world, The Chocolate Boutique Hotel is so perfect place as a gathering place. For chocolate lovers, maybe you could say this is heaven on earth.

Although themed chocolates, The Chocolate Boutique Hotel is not only fun diinapi children, who are mostly like chocolate but also adults. The hotel also perform diverse efforts as proof.

One way that is done is by holding a chocolate feast intended for adults. They can party until midnight.

Expert chocolate makers, Gerry Wilson is also the originator of the manufacture of the hotel said, "It was a perfect night for the ladies."

Guests arriving at the hotel before the party began, invited into the kitchen to taste the chocolate and the workshops. Then, they can decorate their chocolate using dark chocolate, white and milk chocolate.

"There's chocolate in every menu," said Gerry.

In the evening, guests are offered a new cocktail making sessions come in a chocolate bar. There, guests can enjoy three kinds of chocolate, such as the Chocolate Martini and Chocmeister, and many types of wine.

Only then, they can relax in their rooms. But the shock has not been completed. Once in the room, who certainly stunned. Obviously, in every room there is a chocolate fountain. Truly paradise.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Airlines with the Best Food

Menu for passengers on Garuda Indonesia.
Menu for passengers on Garuda Indonesia.

Recently, an online site raises a trip winners names such as Tiger Airways, Singapore Airilines, and Garuda Indonesia. Asia Pacific by Skyscanner Airline Food Award is given to the airline of the countries in the Asia Pacific region.

The award was the result of a panel consisting of 200 travelers from countries in the Asia Pacific region and bloggers from Asia. They decide based on taste, presentation, select, and specifically for the low-budget airline, is conformity with the price offered.

The top five low budget airline with the best food is Tiger Airways, Scoot, Air Asia, Jeju Air, and Spring Airlines. While five of the short distance to the airline is Singapore Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Korean Air, Philippine Airlines, and China Southern.

While large sentence ranking for long distance airline is Garuda Indonesia, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, AirAsiaX, and Air China.

Mentawai, Heaven For surfers

Mentawai, Heaven For surfers
Mentawai, Heaven For surfers

Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, have many the best surfing spot. It turns out many points in between the slides, two of which are in the list of the ten best surfing spot in the world. This was disclosed by Head of Culture Youth and Sport Tourism Mentawai District, Desti Seminora.

"Surfing is the leading market in the spur tourist arrivals. Majority of the tourists who come to the Mentawai are surfers," said Dusti, during a press conference "International Pro Mentawai Surf 2013" at the Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta, Thursday (04/11/2013).

"In the world there are 10 best surf spots according to Surfer magazine Magazines and 2 of them were in the Mentawai," he said.

The place is Lanches Right in Katiet and Makaronies in Silabu, Mentawai. Mentawai reason as the best surfing spot, according to Desti, the waves in Mentawai is called the barrel, the wave shaped like a hole in the middle. The waves, he added, has always appeared consistent on these points.

In fact, said Desti, some tourists who often visit there even has a favorite spot for surfing. Moreover Mentawai still have hidden beaches are unspoiled and very beautiful.

"Surfing has these very special characteristics; to surf spot should not be too crowded. Undisclosed there are also spots that travelers alike, so only those who know," he said.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Want roads to the Bangkok? This is the Tips!

Kuil Wat Arun di Bangkok, Thailand.
Kuil Wat Arun di Bangkok, Thailand.

Besides Singapore, Bangkok could be an option for you who like shopping traveled in Southeast Asia. Thailand's capital city provides a variety of shopping malls, from which to sell goods at low prices, to the original branded stuff is fairly expensive.

In addition to shopping, you can enjoy the beauty of Bangkok are synonymous with the city of culture. Buddhist temples are scattered in Bangkok represents the noble art of architecture that creates a different impression. The shape tends tall with bright colors. Bangkok's temples do look different from the Borobudur or Prambanan in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

In Bangkok, you can enjoy the beautiful temples side by side with modern buildings, traditional markets, combined with the luxury shopping center, as well as local people who are always ready to welcome the tourists with candor. Not only that, a variety of tempting cuisine can be found in every corner of the city of Bangkok.

Before exploring Bangkok, there are some things you need to consider, at least there are some tips that can be extracted and input for you.

1. Plan a trip detailed

Before leaving, make your travel plans in detail. Order tickets since long ago so prices can be obtained cheaper. The time is right for the streets of Bangkok are currently low season, which is around March to September. At that time, not so many tourists who travel to Thailand, so the price could be cheaper hotel.

In addition, make travel plans in Bangkok as simple as possible. Bangkok does have a lot of interesting tourist destinations such as the Grand Palace, Wat Arun (Temple), Wat Pho (Temple), Khao San Road, Chatucak Weekend Market, Siam tourist destinations in the region, or in the Patpong nightlife. However, you should focus on selecting several in one day.

Pick sights are close together for you to explore in one day. For example, explore Wat Pho, Wat Arun and Grand Palace located nearby. Thus, you can save more time and costs. Then, do not forget to look at a map of Bangkok when making your travel plans.

2. Check the Communications Access

When traveling to different countries, the main thing you should consider is access to communications. Notice how that communication tools you can still function even if the person was in the country. At the very least, access the internet from your smart phone can be used while there. Moreover, if you belong to a happy traveler upload photos directly to the streets of your social networking sites.

Internet access will be more important than money caecal ipun. Based on experience, gain free internet access in Bangkok is not as easy as imagined.

As an illustration, the hotel where we stayed did not get Wi-Fi facilities while staying in three star hotels in Bangkok, Hotel Arnoma. In fact, Arnoma located in the Siam area, or in the heart of Bangkok, at the center of the crowd.

However, to be able to enjoy the facilities at the hotel hot spot, you will be charged extra. The fee varies depending on the duration of use. For 30 minutes, you are charged 100 Bath then for 1 hour price charged 180 Bath, and so on.

To avoid the difficulties of communication, you're better off buying local provider upon arrival at Bangkok airport. Many sellers counter prime card that offers a range of prices. For BlackBerry users, available prime card that cost about 200 Bath for the active period of a month.

While the BlackBerry smart phone users than there is Internet packets sold at different prices depending on the quota drift internet. By buying local provider, your costs cheaper than activate international roaming.

3. Currency change

As foreign travel in general, was due to exchange your currency in advance. It is better to exchange currency at the Bangkok airport. There are many money changers or money changer. Do not forget, count how many purposes you correctly so that the money you redeem sufficient to meet the need for in Bangkok.

4. Select Hotel in Center crowd

Selecting hotels in the city center will facilitate your movement. Shuttle is also available for you to get to the next tourist sites. In addition, you can take a walk in the center of the crowd which is not far from the hotel.

In areas such as Siam, a lot of a number of hotels with various rates. Siam also be crowded shopping center within walking distance from one place to another. There Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Siam Square, Siam Discovery, Central World which is adjacent to The Platinum, or MBK which is also adjacent to the Siam Center. In addition, in the Siam area, exactly on the sixth floor of Siam Discovery, standing waxwork museum Madame Tussauds famous in Thailand.

However, if you want a taste of the life of backpacker-style, stay in the Khao San Road. This area is a road that is almost filled with tourists. You could say, here is the backpackers gather. Some inexpensive lodging can be found along Khao San Road. In addition to Khao San, you can stay in the Shukumvit or Silom.

5. Hats and Wear Sunscreen Cream

Temperatures in Bangkok tend to be hot and can burn your skin. Bangkok once listed as the country with the average highest temperature in the world. For healthy skin, use a sunscreen cream.

Do not underestimate the heat of the sun that can burn the skin, especially for men who often consider this trifling. At least, sunscreen creams will minimize damage to your skin's exposure to sunlight.

In addition, wear a hat to cover your eyes and part of the face. If you do not bring a hat, you can buy it in every corner of the city of Bangkok. During a walk in Bangkok, you do not have to worry about lack of food or drink.

Lots of food and drink vendors were scattered in Bangkok. In addition, many fruit vendors hawking wares with a cart. In every corner, you'll find local merchants plantation products such as mango, guava, guava, pineapple, watermelon, and coconut. Nevertheless, there is no harm if you prepare yourself food and drink before exploring the city of Bangkok.

6. Do not Forget Souvenir

If you walk in Bangkok, do not forget to buy a souvenir. Lots of interesting souvenirs are sold at a number of shopping. Ranging from T-shirts that read "Thailand", stuffed elephants, animals typical of Thailand, ceramic figurines or brass, as well as snacks such as chocolate, chips, fruit, or candied fruits.

For socks, you can find it in almost every shopping mall. However, the price of shirts in MBK relatively cheaper, which is 99 Bath. Traders at MBK can speak English so you are not so hard bargain. MBK is also famous for goods counterfeit branded goods (Kawe) with good quality.

As for the souvenir crafts such as key chains, stuffed elephants, small purses, handbags ethnicity or ethnic necklaces and bracelets, will be cheaper if you buy them in the market Cathucak. However, this market is only crowded on weekends, i.e. Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. If you do not have time to buy in Cathucak, you can buy up a souvenir while visiting the temple Wat Arun. Price wallets and key chains are cheaper there than in MBK.

Moreover, the traders at Wat Arun average can speak Indonesian and English. Here, however, rather difficult negotiable, especially clothes.

If you want to buy a souvenir or handmade, stop into the Platinum. Many young people who hold merchandise in one court of Siam malls around them. They peddle handmade items are unique and interesting as handmade bags, handmade bracelets, handmade shoes, handmade shirt, and others.

As for the food, such as chocolate, candied fruits, or tea Thailand, will be cheaper and guaranteed quality if you buy at the supermarket that is in almost every mall. When buying food, be sure to note the expiration date and clean. For those of you who are Muslims, consider the content and halal certification in the food packaging. Well, interesting is not it?