Monday, March 11, 2013

Hotel Sex in Brazil Renovated For World Cup 2014

Hotel Sex in Brazil
Hotel Sex in Brazil 

Implementation of the soccer universal stay another year. As host, Brazil did not want to disappoint. For pampering wisatawannya, Samba District is currently fixing city facilities, including hotels sex.

The next few years, Brazil would be inundated tourists. Not only as host in the 2014 World Cup, Brazil is also going to be a place dihelatnya 2016 Olympics. One area that is going crowded coastal elite Leblon, Rio de Janeiro.

Previously, this area is very famous for her sex motel. Do not want to make wisatawannya home disappointed, Brazil will conjure simple motels into a real hotel. Of the 60 sex motel there, Shalimar is one of them. This motel is renovating 30 rooms of 62 rooms available.

City Investment Promotion Office of Rio de Janeiro, Rio Negocios said more than USD 100 million  has been allocated to renovate the motel room 3500 of 6500. Even some of the motel plan would be a hotel. Later, the motel clerk would be given training in order to serve the guests like the hotel.

All was done to meet the needs of the number of hotel rooms in Rio. Inevitably, sex motel must be used to accommodate tourists.

"We have 16 thousand rooms, or twice that we promised to the International Olympic Committee. We will even use a sex motel. This is something new. This could be an adventure for lovers, an opportunity for new experiences," said Mayor City of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes.

Rio de Janeiro is a metropolitan city with 6 million inhabitants. Currently, the fourth largest city in the world has 32,436 rooms, consisting of 20 414 hotel rooms and the rest are motel rooms, apartments, inns and hostels. Even in 2015, the target was 47 788 rooms are available in Rio de Janeiro.

"Motel will be an option for those who come to Rio," the president said Brazilian Hotel Industry Association (AbiH-RJ), Alfredo Lopes.

Usually, when the implementation of a specific event such as a carnival, new year, the Earth Summit in 1992, and visit the late Pope John Paul II in 1997, sex motel in Rio de Janeiro crowded visited by tourists. So at the World Cup 2014, it is not impossible sex motels and hotels in Brazil will be crowded.
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