Monday, March 18, 2013

These 5 Tips When Staying at the Hotels

Hotel Room
Hotel Room

Even though five-star hotel did not escape the uncomfortable things that can disturb your holiday. It was common knowledge the room cleaners not enough time to clean things up. That the television remote is the dirtiest thing in the hotel room it was common knowledge.

Because so many of the rooms that should cleaned, especially in times of high occupancy, not enough time to clean every room in detail. Moreover, a narrow strip between the check-out guests and other guests check-in. Here are some tips you need to know about the hotel room.

Clean the glass. If available plastic cups, then just use the plastic cups. If not, then wash the glasses first you will use. Use only soap provided in the bathroom. Then rinse with hot water.

Check the contents of the minibar. You never know what the contents inside. Just check in advance the contents of the minibar. If it is interested to drink bottled water, make sure the seal is still attached. Also check the minibar food, is still in its expiration.

Bring wet wipes. Use wet wipes to clean some equipment in the room, such as television and remote light switch. Some parts of the hotel rooms are rarely cleaned, but is often used by guests. This includes telephone and sinks knobs.

Check the bed. Shortly after entering the room, the bed linen look is sleek and odorless. If you are in doubt, ask the hotel clerk change their bed linen. Sure you stay in the room and look directly at the clerk changing bed linen. Do not forget to ask for a replacement bed linen politely.

New towels. Sometimes are forgotten, if the towels that have been used will not be replaced if the new towels are hanged up towel in the bathroom. If you want new towels, towels that have been used should be placed on the floor.
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