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Sex Tourism in Kiev Ukraine

Why sex tourism readily available in Kiev? It could not be separated from the poverty trap Ukraine. Euro 2012 would soon be held in Poland and Ukraine, June 8 to July 1 next. Kiev city where the final party was held has another attraction for tourists who go there. Kiev is not only the capital of Ukraine, but also one of the popular of sex tourism, one that would appeal to men charming philanderer. Actually the illegal prostitution in Ukraine. But prostitution is widespread in Ukraine left and ignored by the government of Ukraine.

Sex Tourism in Kiev Ukraine

Sex tourism in Ukraine has grown to become a magnet for tourists to visit the former Soviet Union was. Even for foreign tourists, Ukraine and Kiev as its capital must be fertile ground for those seeking "worldly pleasures" there.

Its appeal naturally beautiful women there. Ironically, as the largest country in mainland Europe, Ukraine became one of the poorest as well as the most corrupt. Not only beautiful and seductive, Ukrainian women are also readily available. That is the reason why the particular Kiev Ukraine now has a new reputation as a mecca of sex tourism.

Why sex tourism is so easily available in Kiev? It was not separated from the poverty trap Ukraine. Even 90 percent of commercial sex workers (CSWs) working in Kiev are those who come from the city or village to seek a better life.

According to research conducted by the Institute of Social Sciences of Ukraine in 2011 there were 50 thousand women working as prostitutes, where one in six of them work part-time. Meanwhile, according to research from the Institute for Family and Youth Concern, many women who view work as prostitutes only capable of earning their daily lives. Even more than 50 percent of their pay for the children and parents through this work.

"Students tend to be female sex workers, particularly those who come from other parts of Ukraine," said Anna Hutsol, chairman of the organization Femen against sex tourism in Kiev and Ukraine. "They come to Kiev and then attracted by the glitter of the world of expensive cars, restaurants and boutiques. They subsequently lost his mind because of it and want to do anything to get it."

Easily obtained

To get a sex tour in Kiev is not difficult. You can find sites that offer Esek Esek via the internet. In a flash photo gallery female entertainers, hotels, services provided following rates can be obtained. There is one website provider of Kiev sex tours displaying women they provide the following charge, from the short time to accompany for three days.

Rates girl they provide very diverse. There has rates of $ 200 for an hour until service for three days (72 hours) for $ 2600. Interestingly there are some prostitutes who charge discounted loh! They also offer comprehensive sex tour at the cottage for a few days following pick-up and delivery to the airport.

Meanwhile, the other sites provide roughly the same services. On the site for service for an hour they set rates € 150 to € 500 for overnight service. There are advantages Ukraine than non-European countries. It lies in making it easy to reach the European mainland, and tourists from Europe does not need a visa to go there.

According to one of three star guards Soviet relics, namely Boris says his testimony about prostitution in Kiev. "What should I think about when three buses filled with tourists from Turkey came to the hotel and another bus carrying the girls?" he said.

Meanwhile, one other hotel keepers claimed that the women entertainers could come to a hotel room and move to another hotel. "In one night he could serve some foreign tourists within five to six hours. They can get at least 200 dollars to a maximum of $ 400 in one night," he said.

Can be said to get the service of a local woman in Kiev is easily obtained. You can see a woman who provides this service in the hotel lobby. Even only with English only, you can obtain the services of sex in Ukraine.

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