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Harajuku, salah satu objek wisata terkenal di jepang

maybe you've heard the name "harajuku" fashion .. if you know!?yupz 'it is a stylish Japanese fashion model for young people

But the real Harajuku is a popular designation for the area around the JR Harajuku, Shibuya District, Tokyo. This area is famous as a place young people congregate. The location covers about the Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park, shopping centers Takeshita Street (Takeshita-d? Ri), department store Laforet, and the Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Harajuku is not an official designation for the name of the place, and are not included when writing the address.

At the gates of Harajuku, All the way to the gate, dozens of teenagers Tokyo performing with various style of ornamentation (usually called "cosplay", short for costume play), ranging from gothic to anime. A unique, many tourists also deliberately gothic dress up and perform follow-up along the way.

Around the 1980's, Harajuku is home to a subculture Takenoko-zoku. To this day, a group of strangely dressed young man could be found in the area of ​​Harajuku. In addition, school children from various parts of Harajuku in Japan often put as an objective study tour during a visit to Tokyo.

Harajuku gate is the starting point of the path to Meiji Jingu, the shrine is a witness to the history of the Meiji period. Harajuku area is a blend of traditional and modern. On the left, in the Yoyogi area featuring traditional elements, while on the right side, modern Harajuku, ranging from building and lifestyle (food, costumes, boutiques, and visitors)

Along the road to the temple, we can see the range of cask of wine that was once the location of the emperor's wine storage area. Entry into the existing footpath on the left of the road, we will be dragged into Yoyogi park is beautiful. Satisfied with the green garden, we went to the Meiji shrine. In this temple, we can convey our wishes on a wooden board (sold for 500 yen). Planks are then hung on a large board in the temple courtyard.

From a distance, in one small way to the Omotesando area of ​​luxury boutiques, it will be seen from a long line to buy takoyaki!While eating takoyaki, you can along the Omotesando, an area often called the Champs-Elysees was Tokyo. Behind luxury store, seen some towering building that is a luxury apartment home to many Japanese celebrities. It is said that one of the tall building that is home to the famous Japanese singer, Ayumi Hamasaki.
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