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Most small hotels in the world

Eh'haeusl, Most small hotels in the world
Eh'haeusl, Most small hotels in the world

Apparently, not all overseas hotels have luxurious and large buildings. At Bayern, Germany, was the smallest hotel in the world. Rather than enough for many travelers, the hotel has only 2.5 meters wide. Duh, really narrow!
From the outside, you probably would not think the red building is a hotel. Flanked by two large buildings tend to be on the right and left to make hotel named Eh'haeusl is increasingly seen mini.
Small hotel located in Amberg, Bavaria, Germany, has only an area of ​​about 53 square meters with a width of 2.5 meters building. The building is terraced 7, but it only contains one bedroom only.
Although narrow, but actually Eh'haeusl is a luxury five-star hotel. Various classical style furniture adorned the room. The floor is the lobby only measuring half the size of the building. From here, you can go down to the dining room. Beneath it again, there is a basement.
To go into the bedroom, you have to climb stairs a few floors. On the second floor, there is space to relax with a classic sofa and table. Here too there are facilities such as a large flat TV and a fireplace. Up one more floor, there is a comfortable bathroom.
Well, the next floor is the bedroom. Here there is a luxurious bed with two small cupboard on the right and left. Not much of the furniture here. Understandably, his room was too narrow. Fun, after the bedrooms there is room to relax again. Here there is a large window that you can use to see the scenery outside.
If interested mengianap at least in this world, you have to get ready quickly collided with other travelers. Because Eh'haeusl only have one room, while the traveler who wants to try it very much.
Per night, the fare for guests Eh'haeusl provide for 240 euros. This price is for two people including free parking and breakfast.
Since the hotel building has been around since 1728, it is no wonder there is a myth that developed to date. For those of you who took the couple to stay in Eh'hausl, reportedly will live happily together forever. Are you interested?
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