Wednesday, January 30, 2013

4 Most Environmentally Friendly Hotels

Who would have thought, apparently while vacationing traveler can also help preserve the environment. How, you may stay in 4 of the most environmentally friendly following. Let's go green!

The emergence of new buildings in some countries feared would destroy nature. However, the statement is not always true. For there are four of the most environmentally friendly in the world.

1. Eaton Hotel, Kowloon, Hong Kong

For those of you who want to enjoy the fresh atmosphere in the middle of Kowloon, Hong Kong, the Eaton Hotel could be one option. Overnight at the 4-star hotel, you will feel like the quiet atmosphere and fresh like a vacation in the countryside.

Eaton Hotel stands with modern architectural minimalism. Around the building there are many green plants that make its guests a holiday atmosphere to be very comfortable. The fresh air you can easily feel in here, despite being in the middle of a populated city super busy. a night, rooms at Eaton priced at HKD 935.

If there are several five-star hotel that is always changing new towels for guests, Hotel Eaton just wash it. It is intended to further save money. Later, the funds should be used to buy new towels donated for conservation NGOs.

2. Philea Resort & Spa, Melaka, Malaysia

Apparently not need all the way to Hong Kong to be able to stay at hotels that are environmentally friendly. Because Malaysia also has Philea Resort & Spa, Melaka. This hotel is in the middle of a pine forest which offers tranquility.

Entering the hotel, hundreds of pine trees as tall as an average of 9 meters will welcome you. The atmosphere is quiet and fresh air as well as a new friend here. But Philea Resort & Spa not only have a fun atmosphere alone.

Apparently, almost all the furniture in the hotel is made from recycled junk, such as water bottles, iron trashy, and much more. So no wonder if Philea Resort & Spa received the title of Best Green Hotels in 2010/2011. To stay here, you have to pay RM 500 a night.

3. Orchard Garden Hotel, San Francisco, USA

From the outside, the Orchard Garden Hotel are usually visible, together with the other hotels in the world. But wait once you get into it. Green paced atmosphere in every corner of the room. The atmosphere is quiet and comfortable as well as feel the moment you set foot in the hotel lobby.

Not only that, as one of the eco-friendly hotel, the Orchard Garden Hotel also using environmentally friendly equipment and furniture which national standards. This method is intended as a support for the green movement.

Because the use of equipment and eco-friendly furniture, Orchard Garden Hotel feels so comfortable. In the midst of the bustling city of San Francisco, it comes like an oasis that provides coolness. If you plan to stay at this hotel, rooms are priced USD 188 a night.

4. One Aldwych Hotel, London, England

Apparently, eco-friendly hotel is also in London, England, called One Aldwych Hotel. 5 star hotels are well known in the UK is to adopt eco-friendly lifestyle theme. Drainage water, energy-saving LED lights, swimming pool chlorine free and recycled goods used this hotel as a guest facilities.

Besides being known as an environmentally friendly hotel, One Aldwych Hotel is also associated with a variety of artistic items. Almost every room in the hotel is filled with items of high artistic merit. Uniquely, these items are all made from recycled yield junk.

It is in the middle of the City of London and is a 5-star hotel, One Aldwych Hotel has made room rental is quite expensive. Per night, room at One Aldwych Hotel valued cheapest and the most expensive 342 pounds 1290 pounds.
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