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Castway Cay, Disney Private Island in Bahamas

Castway Cay, Disney Private Island
Castway Cay, Disney Private Island
Walt Disney was not only amusement park alone. Entertainment and media company site also has a private island in the Bahamas. Only certain people are able to travel here.Bahamas does have a few small islands. One is Castaway Cay, an island in the South Abaco, Bahamas. Unlike the entertainment complex, this tourist area as 'confidential' by Disney.As seen from the official there Castaway Cay.  

This region can not be visited by any tourist. Only those who do travel by cruise ship from Disney's all get into this private island.This is one of the few facilities that you would get when traveling using Disney's cruise ships. A subsidiary of Walt Disney, Disney Cruise Line is providing travel using luxury yacht called the Disney Magic.This ship departed almost every weekend from Port Canaveral, Florida, USA. Nearest shipping schedule by the end of this month, the day Thursday, January 31, 2013. To navigate the oceans to Castaway Cay and back to Florida, Disney Magic takes time for 3 days. 

You are required to pay the sum of U.S. $ 1002 per person. A variety of luxury amenities you will enjoy during a trip with this cruise. Because Disney Magic into one of the 7 best cruise ship in the world.After arriving at Castaway Cay, you will be greeted by Mickey and Mini Mouse in the harbor. They will hold your hand to get to the gates of Castaway Cay. Here, there is a stand to take pictures with the Disney characters.Like a private island, you can freely enjoy a variety of amenities here. 

 Want to swim with the kids at the beach? Can! Castaway Cay has beaches that are not too deep and safe for children. The beach is bounded by rocks, so that children may not be far from the beach. Fun anymore, beach for kids, teens, and adults are separated here.In addition, you can also perform a variety of holiday activities here. Starting from the sun, making sandcastles with 'Lilo and Stitch', canoeing, snorkeling, playing jetski, water main at the water park, barbecue, cycling around the island, spa, enjoy the nature of the monitoring tower, and many dozens of other facilities.Nature is very beautiful private island plus deluxe amenities will greatly pamper you while on vacation. You want to try it at the next holiday?
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