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The New 7 Wonders

Ancor Wat at Cambodia
Taj Mahal in India became one of the Wonders of the World because of its splendor. However, there are still some places worthy of the title is related to the history and authenticity. What is it?

Collection of Neolithic stones in Avebury, England, may not be as grand as the Taj Mahal. But experts in the travel magazine 'Which?' put Avebury and several other historical sites in a higher position than the Taj Mahal in India, Valley of the Kings in Egypt, and the Forbidden City in China.The specialist magazine 'Which?' put the ancient city of Monte Alban in Mexico in the first position Wonders of the World. Some of the criteria include site maintenance efforts and the feasibility of the local area to be a place of leisure. 

The composition of the giant stone circle at Avebury in second place after Monte Alban, due to the high level of tourist arrivals. The site is visited by 250 thousand tourists each year. One of the advantages in Avebury, tourists can freely roam to different places. Unlike the more famous Stonehenge, but in fact many stones were stolen.Avebury is located in Wiltshire beat positions of the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, because of its convenient location for travelers is more fun than the Sahara Desert. In Wiltshire, tourists can see the green landscape and panoramic views of the English countryside.Magazine 'Which?' describe this UNESCO World Heritage Site as a complex historical heritage preserved and most impressive in Europe.  

Stuart Wheeler as government officials Wiltshire, said: "We are aware of has had historical sites here, and now it has been proven."Avebury is a Neolithic stone construction giant in the form of 3 circles. Avebury, allegedly built 2,600 years BC, is the construction of the largest stone circle in Europe."Our dedicated team works throughout the year to ensure the site is always a source of inspiration. Was fun to see Avebury known as it is today," said the National Archaeological Expert at Avebury, Dr Nick Snashall.Here are 10 sites Wonders of the World magazine 'Which?':

1. Monte Alban, Mexico 

2. Avebury, England 
3. Herculaneum, Italy 
4. The Forbidden City, China 
5. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
 6. Pech Merle Cave, France 
7. Taj Mahal, India 
8. Petra, Jordan 
9. Valley of the Kings, Egypt 
10. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
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