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7 best cruise ships in the world

Disney Magic cruise
Disney Magic
Travel by cruise ship not only served a lovely sea view. Tourism types are also always synonymous with luxury. Here are 7 best cruise ship in the world. 

There are times when a trip does not merely need speed. With such a long way to use the ship could also be an option. But this time, a trip across the sea is not always traditional. There are many ways including by cruise ship. 

Various facilities with world-class luxuries offered in any course of using cruise ships. Each tour operator is always present the best option. But, it turns out there were 7 cruise ships in the world, 

 1. Arethusa Cruise
Since 2007, Ship Arethusa had sailed the Mediterranean Sea. This luxury ship is operated by the Grand Circle Cruise Line, and only carry 50 passengers per trip. Obviously not because places are limited, but for the sake of passenger comfort. 

This vessel will navigate three continents at once, which is north Europe, south Africa, and east Asia. Various cultures from different countries can clearly feel. Moreover, your trip will be accompanied by two people who are expert guides history, culture, and art. One person guides for 25 passengers. 

Luxurious facilities be available during the trip. You can sunbathe on the deck of the ship, having fun in the lounge and bar, and enjoy a delicious meal with wonderful sea views. 

About the room, you should compare it to the five-star hotel. There is a flat screen TV, air conditioning and private bathroom. Then there is also a large bed and a variety of luxury furniture in it. What's more, the roof can slide, so you can bask in the room. 

The only drawback on this cruise is no lift. Indeed, Ship Arethusa only has 3 floors, but still it is difficult for travelers with special needs.

2. National Geographic Explorer
Lindblad Expeditions with National Geographic Explorer to work together to make a yacht cruise operator. This vessel started operation since 2008. During 14-18 days, you will be invited to the seas from Norway to Antarctica. 

In addition to witness the stunning natural scenery, a variety of information about the area through which the passenger will also be obtained. Historians even professional photographers will also be on your way. Wrap the luxury the way you will certainly feel. Fun again, the ship is equipped with a camera to peek under the charm of the sea during the trip.

3. Endeavour National Geographic Explorer
Before hook Lindblad Expeditions, National Geographic Explorer apparently had already been making the voyage on a cruise. The ship is named Endeavour National Geographic Explorer has been around since 1967. Usually ships carrying 96 passengers has several routes that depart from Guayaquil, Ecuador. 

Each trip will take as long as 10 to 16 days. Indeed, the ship is not as fancy as the previous ships. But the matter of facilities, Endeavour National Geographic Explorer can pitted. When else can you sunbathe with a relaxing float on the sea? Yes, the ship is equipped with Floating Platform Massage or massage tool that floats on the ocean surface.

4. Crystal Symphony
The next best cruise ship Crystal Symphony. Luxury liner that is quite popular is able to make the 461 passengers enthralled with the beauty of nature and its facilities. Last year, the ship spent millions of dollars for a total renovation. 

It is available for luxury amenities for summer travel in Europe as well as the fall of this year. The most famous here is a very tasty cuisine. Why not, which makes it is a famous chef, Nobu Matsuhisa. Not to mention the free wine offer during the trip.

5. Crystal Serenity
Under no ship Crystal Symphony Crystal Serenity are no less luxurious. This cruise ship has 535 cabins rooms newly renovated in May 2011. Improvements include the addition of expansion room with elegant furniture. 

The vessel is equipped with a multi-language tool that you can easily understand any information about the culture and what is provided by the tour operator. In 2011, the ship Crystal Serenity Cruise also won the Best Dinner. Passengers are given the freedom of time to eat dinner entree. In addition, benefits will also be distributed to the preservation of coastal tourism in the world. 

Crystal Serenity ship always sailed the Baltic Sea in the summer, the Mediterranean Sea at the turn of summer to autumn, and the Caribbean Sea in the winter. Just as the ship Crystal Symphony, Crystal Serenity ship will also provide wine on each journey.

6. Seven Seas Voyager
If this one is the well-known cruise with a balcony behind the pampering. Imagine, Ship Seven Seas Voyager has a rear balcony so comfortable. For those who want to relax on the balcony without the hot sun, this place could be an option. 

Ships rear balcony Seven Seas Voyager is not only comfortable, but also provide stunning views. Voyage through the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean presents incredible views. But sometimes, these ships also sailed the Mediterranean Sea during the summer.

7. Disney Magic Cruise
Well, the last ship Disney Magic there were initiated by Disney Cruise Line. 2,700 people berpenumpang ship's debut voyage in 1998. Until now, a very luxurious yacht is still a favorite of tourists. For those who plan to spend the holidays with family use on cruise ships, Disney Magic may be an option. On the ship, there is a children's playground which is very much a special room adult, such as a bar. So, when you are enjoying a cup of beer, no need to worry about your child playing a video game. 

Normally, ship Disney Magic will offer a route across the Mediterranean in summer and the Caribbean Sea in the winter. In fact, you will also be invited to come to Disney's private island in the Bahamas.
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