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The longest roller coaster in the world's in Japan

Steel Dragon 2000, The Longest Roller Coaster In The World's
Steel Dragon 2000, The Longest Roller Coaster In The World's
If you are not satisfied with the experience of riding a roller coaster, you might be required to try the Steel Dragon 2000. Roller coaster at Nagashima Spa Land amusement park, Japan is the longest in the world. Guaranteed to make hysterical!

Every amusement park, usually has a flagship vehicle. Similarly, Nagashima Spa Land in Mie Prefecture, Japan which has the world's longest roller coaster. His name is Steel Dragon 2000, the roller coaster has 2478.99 feet along the tracks.

Collect your balls first before trying the enormity Steel Dragon 2000. If you are sure, you can get into the queue with other travelers who also want to try the thrill of riding a
longest roller coaster in the world's .Choose the most comfortable seat. If you do have guts enough, try sitting in the front or the rear shock in order to feel powerful. Make sure that the seat belt is installed properly.

Roller coaster starts. At first slowly, but the farther left start going faster and faster. 'Temptation' you first begin. You will be invited to ride at a height of 97 meters slowly. Roller coaster began to climb the slope angle of about 45 degrees. To reach the peak, it took about 1.5 minutes.

The highlight has been explored, it means it is time roller coaster you'll slide down. No kidding, these derivatives forming an angle of nearly 90 degrees. In fact, the roller coaster will glide speed of 153 km / h. Wush!

The challenge of Steel Dragon's not all. There are still three similar rise and fall. Then there is also a winding path to the right and left.

If ever, for one roller coaster round at only 2 minutes. But it was so long, Steel Dragon took 4 minutes for one round. During this time, your guts will continue to be tested. The path winding up and down and all of a sudden will surely provide a different experience while riding a roller coaster. You dare to ride the world's longest roller coaster?
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